Why a Notary

My name is Konsuela Stroble.  I have been a trained, certified and insured Notary for the Commonwealth of Virginia, since 2000. I view fraud prevention and integrity to be an invaluable and necessary work ethic.

The purpose of a Notary is to help ensure the authentication of documents. In addition to witnessing a signature, Notarial duties  are extended to administer an Oath or Affirmation, perform weddings in some states,Certify copies of certain legal or administrative documents and deliver absentee voting ballots (except when the Notary is a candidate or has an immediate family member who is a candidate for a standing election). In order for  a notarial act to be valid, the transaction must occur within the State or Commonwealth in which the Notary is currently commissioned or the document must be intended for use within the State or Commonwealth in which the Notary is currently commissioned.

The essence of my business entails Notorial services at your location. I will notarize for documents pertaining to all in person real estate closings where I do not handle funds. In addition, I will authenticate signatures for certain legal or administrative documents to include Civil and Domestic matters, Immigration matters, Letters, previously typed to which I am not a party to, deliver Absentee Ballots for any standing Election or any other correspondence that is permissible under the Commonwealth of Virginia’s law.

At present, my hours for operation are 5-9 pm or by appointment. Out side of that it is
on a first come first served basis and I will work hard to serve you within a timely manner. The nature of my business is that I am mobile, I will drive to the person or persons needing services.

For all your notary services please call 757 273-4738. Prices are negotiable.

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